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Thanks to the generosity of Adam Binder Editions and our Sponsors, the ABC has sponsored many members-only contests.

Taiwan Sign Contest 2014! Members tried to guess the meaning of 12 Taiwanese signs. The prize is a cold cast bronze Frog on Cane. The winner was Eleanore McGovern!

Price is Right 2013 Contest! Each person had to try to guess the price of a handcrafted dragon plate. The person who came closest to the actual price without going over won a special blinged color variation of Croak. The winner was Catie Leicester!

Leap Year 2012 Contest! In this contest, each person had to send in the names of three pieces by Adam that featured frogs or toads. The winner, Caroli Dubin, won a Prototype of Adam's Bog Hopper, a piece from Harmony Kingdom's Interchangeable series!

Zoo 2009 Contest! In this contest, for each of 16 photographs of Zoo animals, members must name a piece by Adam Binder that includes that kind of animal in the piece. One of our Club Sponsors, Sarah at Art's West Unique Gifts, selected the winners of this contest and they were: Dennis Jackson who won Spring Forth, Jill Gohr who won Sticking Around and Michael Reikowsky who won In the Pitcher. Congratulations to the winners!

Holiday 2008 Contest! Members need to match Holiday greetings from around the world with the correct language. Mima's of Warwick did the drawing and the winners were: Ginny Berman who won a "wooden" Netsuke Mouse, Caroli Dubin who won a Partridge in a Pear Tree, Kay Stemnock who won a Snow Patrol, and Sharon Lavoie who won an ivory Bird Box.

Halloween 2008 Contest! Members needed to name Binder pieces that started with each letter in the word Halloween. Fin-Alley Gifts drew the winners. The winners were: Emma Worrall won the red-eyed Fruit Bat; Hannah Witkowski won an ivory Trick or Tweet. Each of the following won a Beetle palm charm: Pam Singleton, Rhonda Timberlake, El McGovern and Dennis Jackson.
Talli Ruksas.

Valentine 2008 Contest!
To enter this contest, members had to complete the rhyme, "Roses are red... " by using something about Adam or his artwork. My Doll Shop did the drawing and Laurie Falcon was the winner of a bling Tangerine Toads!

New Year's 2008 Contest! In this contest loosely based on "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?", members were challenged to answer all ten questions correctly for a chance at winning a bling bronze Beetle palm Charm! Arts West Unique Gifts did the drawing for us and Stacey Kuhns was the winner of a bling cold cast bronze Beetle Palm Charm!

In our November 2007 Election drawing, Urda Ferency won a Warts and All.

In a special drawing for ABC members only, Dan Kritzer won a bling version of our ABC Club exclusive, the Sprouting Lizard!

In the Chinese Calender, it is the Year of the Pig! In The Year of the Pig Contest, members must find the six pig pictures hidden on our ABC website. Two winners were randomly chosen by one of our sponsors. The winners were Sue Donilon and Ron Hanson who each won a Pig Palm Charm.

In our first contest of 2007, The Top Ten Binder 2007 New Year's Resolutions, members send in their New Year's resolutions. The winners were chosen randomly from among all participating ABC Club members by one of our sponsors. Elizabeth Lavoie and Mary Kay DeMayo each won a Divine Roly Poly and Tim McFarland and Caroli Dubin each won a Dizzie Roly Poly.

In the Binder Bake-off Contest members sent in their favorite recipe. The winner, Marianne Lincourt, was chosen randomly from among all participating ABC Club members by one of our Sponsors. Marianne won a "Partridge in a Pear Tree".

The Year of the Dog Contest is a joint contest between members of our Club and the members of the Adam Binder Editions on MSN Board. Members need to correctly match the photographs of 21 breeds of dogs with the correct names of the breeds to be entered in a drawing to win a prize. Three prizes, bling English Bull Dog Palm Charms were generously donated by Adam Binder Editions. The winners of the contest were: Sue Donilon, Cindy Karr and Elaine Dowdin.

The Spring 2006 Contest required members to answer three questions correctly to be entered into a drawing for prizes. The first prize was a Leaf Well Alone, with two Chick Palm Charms as runner-up prizes. The winners were: Cyndra Henry, who won Leaf Well Alone, and Roberta Giffen and Leni Kaltman who each won a Chick Palm Charm!

The Valentine 2006 Contest is a hunt for 11 Valentine pictures hidden among the pages of this website. (Hint: Think Love and Lovers!) Members submitted the web page addresses for the pages where the pictures were hidden. The winner of the contest was Sue Donilon, who won a Prototype of Wedded Bliss donated by one of our Sponsors!

The Holiday 2005 Contest challenges our members to identify several well known Holiday songs from their "alternate titles". Miranda Burnett won a Wood Mouse Netsuke, donated by ABE!

The Halloween 2005 Contest is a hunt for Halloween pictures hidden among the pages of this website. Members submitted the web page addresses and descriptions of the Halloween pictures that they found. The three winners, Sue Donilon, Eileen Underwood and Richard Callard each received an ebony Lizard Palm Charm as a Halloween treat!

The Baby Contest challenges members to predict the date and time of birth for Lueze's baby's birthday! Lueze is the business manager of Adam Binder Editions, and Adam's sister-in-law!
None of the entries sent in by our members guessed the correct day, but the closest entry to the actual date was sent in by Drew Mehlhaff who guessed August 26 at 3:15 pm. Drew won a Crack a Smile Interchangeable.

A quick, ten question Trivia Quiz Contest testing members' knowledge of trivia facts about the ABE team and ABC officers came next. The winner of the prize, a Perfect Fit, was drawn from among all the participants. The winner was Christine Johnson.

Inspired by the movie, "Twins", our next contest, ABC Twins Contest, asked members to submit a photo of twins, one of which needed to be a piece carved by Adam. Like the movie, the twins could be identical or fraternal. And since this was a Twins contest, there were two twin prizes. The ABE team was asked to choose a winner from among the photograph entries. The winner, Eileen Underwood, won an ebony Trick or Tweet. The remaining participants were entered into a drawing to win the twin prize, an ivory Trick or Tweet. Caroli Dubin won the ivory version.

The ABC Elephant Joke Contest arose in honor of Adam's new elephant release at the time. Members were asked to submit their favorite elephant joke. A drawing was made from among all the entries and Vince Scheidt won a Zebra Crossing.

With elections coming up, we decided to have our own Binderland Elections 2004 Contest. The race was on between the two candidates, Mr. Meerkat and Mr. Penguin. Members voted for the candidate of their choice, and the vote went overwhelmingly to Mr. Penguin.There were three prizes for this contest. All members who voted were put into a drawing for the prize, Good Hare Day, which was won by Janice Appleton. All the remaining participants were put into a drawing based on who they voted for. Jackie Fedak won a Mr. Penguin, and Johnia Browning won a Mr. Meerkat.

The next contest, Pot of Gold Hunt, involved all three Binder groups, the Adam Binder Club, the Binder Board, and the Lets Play Adam Binder Editions Board. The search was on for a Pot of Gold just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns left cryptic clues on the ABC website and on the MSN Binder Board and Lets Play Adam Binder Editions Board leading members closer to the hiding place of the Pot of Gold. The Pot was hidden on the ABC website. Just to make it more interesting, the Pot had a habit of disappearing and reappearing! All correct entries were put into a drawing and the winner was Talli Ruksas. She won a solid Perfect Fit donated by ABE.

Miss Piggy's Guide to Love Contest was the next contest which was offered just in time for Valentine's Day. Members had to submit an entry such as would be found in a Guide to Love book written by Miss Piggy. Two prizes were awarded to the winners, drawn from among all the entries. Dyanna Cridelich won a Pig Palm Charm, and Mary Kay DeMayo won a Bog Hopper Interchangeable.

The Name the Piece Contest generated so many entries, that ABE donated three prizes to be given away! Each entry was placed in the drawing to select the Grand winner and Clarence Rowe was the proud owner of an Artist Copy or Raz n' Stan. Two more drawings were made among the remaining participants. Cynthia Karr and Bernard Robison each won color variations of the Mouse Palm Charm. The piece in question? Raz n' Stan!

Just in time for the Christmas season, the next contest was the Winter Binder Carolfest. Members modified the words to popular carols. The ABE team again chose the winner. Vince Scheidt won one of the elusive Bert Palm Charms.

One of the more challenging contests was the Clay Sheep Contest. A sheep was chosen as the topic since Adam's first carving was of a sheep. Members had to carve a sheep and submit the original to be judged by the ABE team. Three winners were selected, each of whom received an Ivory Love Bug as a prize. The winners were Vince Scheidt, Phyllis Quarles, and Elizabeth Barnica.

The ABC Thanksgiving Contest required members to answer five questions correctly to be entered into a drawing for a Roly Poly Hardy. Of course the correct answer to all five questions was "turkey"! The winner of this contest was Talli Ruksas.

The ABC Halloween Puzzle Contest gave away a Roly Poly Mostel as the prize. Members had to solve a Halloween puzzle. During the Tour, a drawing was done by Lisa Binder from among all correct entries. The winner was Debbie Ball.

Due to the popularity of our first Top Ten Contest, the next contest asked members "What are the Top Ten signs that You are crazy about Adam Binder Editions?" Adam and his team chose the top ten entries while at a Tour Stop on October 19, 2003, and then selected the winner from these entries. The winner was Peter Kingston, who won a Hoot N' Nanny.

Then borrowing the idea from the David Letterman Show, we sponsored a Top Ten Contest. We wanted to know "What are the top ten ways of Getting a Blue Frog?" The prize was, of course, a blue Frog Palm Charm, donated by Anna, our webmaster. Club members voted for the best answer. The winner was Mary Kay DeMayo, who however, declined the prize. So a drawing was done among all the entries to select a winner, and Caroli Dubin became the proud owner of a blue frog.

The third contest was the Write-A-Caption contest. Members could choose to write captions to four different photographs, created by our webmaster. The winners were chosen by the ABE team attending our ABC Rosemont Dinner meeting. There were four winners in all. The Grand Prize winner was Lynda Ringelstein who won a gift certificate to one of our Sponsors stores. Peter Kingston won a Crab Palm Charm, Ted Cagley won a Chick Palm Charm, and Lynda Adams won a Frog Palm Charm.

The second contest was the ABC Puzzler Contest. Members submitted puzzles, and a vote by members was taken to determine the winner. The vote was extremely close and while our webmaster Anna Rusabrova won, she declined the prize. The prize, a specially signed version of Hissing About, went to the runner-up, Mike Reikowsky.

The first contest was our Groundhog Safari, held of course, on Groundhog Day. Pictures of 100 groundhogs were hidden on our website for members to find. Paula Ashley was the first to come up with all 100 correct links and won a Frog Palm Charm.