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Adam Binder Club

The First Independent Club of Adam Binder Collectors in USA

The Club Bylaws Approved on June 1, 2003, amended on October 23, 2004 and on December 1, 2005

1. Name of the Club
The name of the Club is the "Adam Binder Club" (ABC) and it is a nonprofit organization.

2. Mission
The purpose of the ABC is to promote interest in the artwork of Adam Binder and to share information about the artist and his work with his collectors.

3. Organization
3.1. The ABC is a Virtual Club - that is, an entity which carries out its activities on the Internet. The Club's operations are carried out via two primary mediums: email alerts and a specialized website. The Club operates on a minimal budget and is open for anyone interested, according to the rules of Membership stated in paragraph 5.
3.2. The Club makes all reasonable efforts to get its public actions and published materials approved by Adam Binder and The Adam Binder Editions, to ensure accurate representation and positive value.

4. Activities
4.1. The Club distributes email alerts to its members. The alerts contain up-to-the-minute information about the subject of the Club, which is art by Adam Binder, and about the activities of the Club.
4.2. The Club's website contains the Master List of Adam Binder's Art, a chronological news section, and supporting information. The Master List is a detailed, indexed, illustrated resource formally approved by Adam Binder. The news and supporting sections of the site contain information of interest to both the club members and Adam Binder collectors in general. The Club's website also serves as a venue for advertising by the Club Sponsors. The website activities also include web contests, puzzles, or similar offerings.
4.3. Other activities carried out by the Club may include raffles, contests (besides those carried out on the website), and other activities.
4.4. If there is sufficient interest and assistance, and if appropriate accommodations can be found, an annual "live" meeting of the ABC will be held.
4.5. As funds permit, the ABC will support charitable activities.

5. Membership
5.1. As this is a Virtual club and many Club activities occur online, Membership is open to all interested collectors 13 and older. Only one membership is allowed per person.
5.2. Members will pay the designated dues annually. The membership year will begin July 1 and end June 30 of the following calendar year. An email notice of annual dues for the upcoming membership year will be sent to members no later than June 1 of each calendar year. If dues are not paid within 30 days after membership expires, the membership will be terminated. If a member decides to terminate his or her membership, there will be no refund of paid dues. Dues are not pro-rated.
5.3. There are four types of Club Membership:
a. Regular Individual Membership (18 years old and older) These members are eligible to participate in Club activities, such as contests and raffles. They may hold office and are eligible to vote. They may not own a business which sells or distributes products by Adam Binder. They must pay the designated annual dues. It is the member's responsibility to notify the officers of the ABC if their personal information has changed.
b. Membership for a Minor (13 to 17 years of age) These members are eligible to participate in Club activities, with parent or guardian supervision. The parent/guardian must approve the application by signing the application. They may not hold office nor are they eligible to vote. They may not own a business which sells or distributes products by Adam Binder. They must pay the designated annual dues. Their email address will not be shared. It is the member's/guardian's responsibility to notify the officers of the ABC if their personal information has changed.
c. Sponsor Membership This membership is given as a courtesy to sponsor stores of the ABC. In lieu of annual dues, sponsors may donate at least two pieces per year to the ABC to be used as raffle or door prizes. This membership is treated as a single person and will be listed in the name provided by the store. Sponsor members are not eligible to hold office and are not eligible to vote. They will be listed as ABC sponsors.
d. Honorary Membership Adam Binder, Lisa Binder, Lueze Edwards of Adam Binder Editions are granted honorary membership in the ABC. These members are not required to pay dues. They may not hold office or participate in ABC votes, but may offer suggestions for improving the Club and its mission.

6. Officers of the the Club:
6.1. The Club is coordinated and managed by the Club Officers. The Club Officers are elected according to the paragraph 6.3. The Club Officers perform their duties on a voluntary basis. The Club Officers shall actively promote Club membership and Club sponsorship.
6.2. There are five Club Officers:
a. President: The President coordinates the activities carried out by the Club. The President formally approves new members and relieves those leaving the Club. The President may substitute for any vacant position of an Officer. The President may delegate duties to the other elected officers. Other duties include, but are not limited to, presiding at general Club meetings, communicating regularly with Club members via email alerts on ABC matters, managing the Club website and sharing information about the ABC with Adam Binder Editions. The President of the Club represents the Club to all external contacts and will act as spokesperson for the ABC in all matters concerning the Club.
The President or his/her designee will design and maintain the Club website and will coordinate the release of information on the website in accordance with Paragraph 7.2.1., plan the Club website activities in accordance with Paragraph 4.2., and provide a medium for virtual elections and voting. Should the need arise for additional technical support, the President may appoint a person or a committee, with the approval of the other officers, to assist with technical aspects of the Virtual Activities of the Club. The President or his/her designee must have the skills necessary to create and maintain a website in compliance with the requirements of Paragraph 4.2.
b. Vice President: The Vice President will assist the President in any official function and will perform all duties delegated by the President. In the absence of the President, the Vice President will perform all duties and responsibilities of the President. If an annual "live" meeting of the ABC is planned, the Vice President will head the committee in charge of making the arrangements.
c. Treasurer: The Treasurer will keep a full and accurate record of all monetary transactions of the ABC and will be responsible for depositing all monetary funds into the ABC bank account. Duties include maintaining a record of all current paid members and providing that information to the Vice President. Duties also include preparing an annual fiscal report to be emailed to all ABC members. The Treasurer is responsible for paying the expenses incurred by the ABC from Club funds.
d. Secretary/Membership Chair: This officer will keep a full and accurate record of the minutes of all general membership meetings and a record of attendance at these meetings. Duties include maintaining a full membership list and providing updated rosters to officers of the ABC as needed. In addition, the Secretary/Membership chair will maintain a "shared email list" of Club members who have indicated that their email addresses can be shared. This list will be emailed to Club members and sponsor stores by September 1 of each year, and may be shared more frequently, if needed. The Secretary/Membership Chair will be responsible for all official correspondence of the ABC and for sharing Membership information with ABE, if requested to do so to verify membership. If warranted in the future by the growth in size of the ABC, the office of Secretary/Membership Chair may be separated into two separate offices.
e. Charity Coordinator: The Charity Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining records of all donations made to the ABC and their disposition. Additionally, the Charity Coordinator will work with the Treasurer and other officers to announce and run Club raffles and to make donations to the Club's designated charity or charities.
6.3. Elections of the Officers
6.3.1. Officers of the ABC will be elected by email ballot for a term of two years. There is no limit on the terms in which an officer can serve, provided that the general membership elects said officer by a majority vote of those votes received. Any eligible member may run for elected office, provided that they meet all qualification requirements for that office stated in Paragraph 6.2. Eligible members are defined under Regular Individual Membership. A list of nominees will be emailed to all current ABC members and elections will be decided by a simple majority vote of all email ballots received.
6.3.2. To provide for the continuity of leadership, the terms of office will be staggered, with President, and Treasurer to be elected in even numbered years, and Vice President, Secretary/Membership Chair and Charity Coordinator to be elected in odd numbered years. Elections will be held in November, with the newly elected officers beginning their tenure on January 1. The first ABC elections will be held in November, 2003.
6.4. Special Committees The Club Officers have the authority to form special committees, either through election or on a voluntary basis for, but not limited to, the following purposes: events and "live" general meetings, Collectible Shows, Membership Programs and Techical Support.
6.5. Meetings of the Club Officers
The elected Officers of the ABC may meet via email or on an Internet forum. Any Club Officer may initiate a "virtual" meeting to discuss Club business as the need arises.
6.6. Removal of an Officer An officer can be relieved from his/her duties by voting among all Club Officers, under the following conditions: failure of the officer to perform official duties as outlined in these bylaws and/or said officer acts in a way which is not in accordance with the purposes of this Club as stated in these Bylaws.

7. Permissions, rights and publishing policy

7.1. The Club's Logo
7.1.1. The Club's official logo is approved by Adam Binder. It is a copyrighted design, and may not be used or distributed without written permission from the Club.
7.1.2. The copyright of the Club's official logo belongs to the Adam Binder Club.
7.2. The Club's website
7.2.1. The Club pledges to publish only the accurate and verifiable information, and to observe the non-disclosure, or timed disclosure, requirements set by Adam Binder Editions.
7.2.2. All materials presented on the ABC website, including but not limited to research, compilation, site design, and images, are subject to copyright protection, and may not be used in whole or in part without written permission from the ABC website. Images and quotations that are property of third parties are used on this site under express permission from their owners and with appropriate credits.
7.2.3. All materials presented on the ABC website may be used for personal educational purposes only. Use in any commercial endeavor, including online auctions and other for-profit venues, is expressly prohibited under all circumstances.

8. The Club's finances
8.1. The Club's finances come in the form of monetary contributions from members (annual membership dues, raffles, ad hoc donations and other contributions) and collectibles donated by the Club's Sponsors.
8.2. The finances are used to issue Club memorabilia, and to support the Club Activities described in Paragraph 4. Any Club expenditure of over $25 by a Club Officer needs to be pre-approved by a majority vote of the Club Officers.
8.3. No part of the Club finances can be paid to a Club Officer for performing his/her duty.
8.4. The Club has no profits.
8.5. The Club issues an annual fiscal report for all members of the Club.

9. Privacy policy
9.1. The Club pledges not to disclose any information concerning its members to any third parties.
9.2. With the exception of minor members, unless otherwise denied in writing by a member, permission is granted to the ABC to use the member's name, photographs, or other likeness on ABC's website, emails, or at meetings. The names and email addresses of minor members will not be published without parental consent. Use by and/or release of the membership list to Adam Binder Editions is implicit in acceptance of membership in the ABC.

10. The Club Bylaws
10.1. The proposed Bylaws will be emailed to all current Club members. It is ratified by a simple majority vote of all eligible returned ballots.
10.2. Amendments to the Bylaws will be emailed to all current ABC members. Acceptance of an amendment will be by a simple majority vote of all returned ballots.

11. Disbanding of the Club
Should the ABC be disbanded, all Club members will be informed via email. Any remaining Club funds will be donated to the Club's charity or charities.

***** Special Acknowledgements *****
The ABC would gratefully like to acknowledge the generosity of the Lone Star Harmony for providing us with a copy of their Club Bylaws to use as a model.