January 13 , 2013
updated February 22, 2013

The winner of the contest was Catie Leicester! Congratulations! The actual price of the plate in U.S. dollars was $103.37. Guesses ranged from $45.62 to $7,000! Catie came closest with a bid of $76.09.

Time for a contest! The Year of the Dragon is about to end and the Year of the Snake is about to begin, so let's bring in the New Year right!

The prize:
The winner will receive a special artist copy color variation of Adam's Croak with blinged eyes!
Thank you Adam, for the great prize!

For more photos of the prize, click here!

How to Play:
This contest is based on the T.V. program "The Price Is Right". The object of the game is to be the person who comes closest to guessing the actual price of an item without going over the actual price of that item. For this contest, you must guess the price of a dragon plate that I purchased in Taiwan. The plate is 8 inches in diameter. According to the saleslady, the plate is made of porcelain. According to the Chinese-English description on the card that came with the plate, the dragons on the plate are a hand-made lacquer thread sculpture gilded with 24k gold leaf.
So what was the actual price my credit card company charged me (in U.S. currency) for this plate?

Here are the Rules to this contest:

1. You must be a current member of the ABC to participate. (Myself and my family members are excluded from this contest since we know the price!)

2. Each member may send in only one entry.

3. The person whose guess comes the closest to the actual price of the dragon plate without going over the actual price will be the winner of an artist copy blinged color variation of Croak. In the event that more than one person guesses the exact price of the plate, the first person who submitted the correct price will be the winner.

4. Your guess should be in U.S. dollars and cents (as that is how my credit card company will charge me!) Email your entry to

5. Entries must be received by midnight February 15, 2013 to be eligible.

And NO, you don't get to win my dragon plate!!!!

Good luck!