updated 3/22/13

Ann Schmidt of Fin-Alley Gifts drew the winner from among all the entries submitted. Congratulations Eleanore McGovern!

As I sit and watch the snow falling at a rate greater than one inch an hour, I am reminded of a wonderful trip I took last winter to a much warmer place - Taiwan! When in Taiwan, I saw many amazing things, but some of the most baffling were the signs I saw around the island. So of course this led me to the following idea for a contest...
For each sign below, write down what you think the sign means. If you have no idea what a particular sign means, by all means, guess! Be creative! And since I don't know what some of the signs mean either, the winner of this contest will be drawn from among all valid entries! Be forewarned... I may publish the most amusing responses on this webpage!
The prize will be a Cold Cast Bronze Frog on Cane donated by one of our sponsors, Ann Schmidt of Fin-Alley Gifts.
Happy Year of the Horse! Good luck!

Here are the Rules to this contest:

1. You must be a current member of the ABC to participate.

2. Each member may send in only ONE entry.

3. You must provide an explanation or caption for each sign in order to be entered into the drawing. There are 12 signs in all.

4. Email your answers to abcpresident. Receipt of your entry will be acknowledged.

5. The contest begins now and ends at midnight on February 5, 2014.

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