The Winner of the ABC Trivia Quiz Contest was drawn by one of our sponsors, Sarah at Arts West Unique Gifts. The winner was Christine Johnson! Congratulations, Christine!
Christine won a "Perfect Fit" donated to the Club by one of our sponsors!

ABC Trivia Contest
1. Which member of the ABE team has a birthday coming up on July 11?  (Hint: Bling, bling!)
2. Which member of the ABE team recently got engaged? (Hint: She is the sister of the person in question # 1)
3. How DOES Adam pronounce his last name?  Is the "i" long as in book binder?  Or short, as in potato bin?
4. Which ABC officer speaks fluent Russian?  (Hint: Her first name is spelled the same way backwards and forwards!)
5. Which ABC officer sends out the Adam Binder Alerts? (Hint: Look at the bottom of this Alert!)
6. Which ABC officer is the treasurer?  (Hint: She is NOT related to the cosmetic company!)
7. Which ABC officer has TWO Great Danes?  (Hint: She is one of the managers of the MSN Binder Board!)
8. Which ABC officer lives in the great state of Texas?  (Hint: She won the ABC Groundhog Contest before she became an officer.)
9. Which ABC officer is our Charity Coordinator?  (Hint: She owns a zillion parrots and suggested the name "The Real Macaws" to the ABE  team.)
10. How many exclusive ABC Binder pieces have there been?


1. Lisa Binder
2. Lueze Edwards
3. Short "i" as in bin
4. Anna Rusabrova
5. Dolores Kingston
6. Mary Kay DeMayo
7. Urda Ferency
8. Paula Ashley
9. Ghentifer Combs
10. Two, the ivory Love Bug and the Gliding Frog