ABE Series




Alphabetical Listing



Acorn Frog
All Aboard

All Aboard, bling
All Aboard II
Angel's Trumpet, bronze
Anubis, bling
Arctic Circle
Arctic Fox, bronze
Arctic Hare palm charm
Arctic Stroll, bronze
Arctic Wolf, bronze
Armadillo, box version
Armadillo, bronze
Armadillo II, bronze
Armadillo, solid version
As One


Badger, bronze
Badger palm charm
Badger Express

Ball Python, bronze

Barn Owl, bronze
Barn Owl II, bronze
Bat palm charm, ebony
Bat palm charm, ivory

Bat palm charm, bronze
Be Mine
Bear Hugs
Bear Mask
Bear palm charm, ivory
Bear palm charm, wooden
Bear pendant, ivory and brown stain
Bear pendant, wooden
Beaver and the Bandit
Bee Eaters, bronze
Beetle palm charm
Beetle palm charm, bronze
Beetle palm charm, cold cast bronze
Bert palm charm
Big Cat Mask Netsuke Set
Big Eared Bunny, large bronze
Big Eared Bunny, small bronze
Bird Box, ebony
Bird Box, ivory
Black Marble Bird Perfume Bottle
Black Marble Bird Vase
Black Marble Perfume Bottle, fish
Black Marble Vase, fish
Black Rhino, bronze
Bling Netsuke Club Redemption 2009
Bling Tree Frogs Christmas Ornaments set
Blossom Buddies
Blue Tit, bronze
Blue Tit Wall Plaque, bronze
Bo palm charm, cold cast bronze
Boris, bronze
Boris, ivory
Boris, Monumental bronze
Boris, wooden
Boxfish Netsuke
Box Turtle Netsuke Box
Box Turtle Netsuke Necklace
British Bull Dog palm charm
Bullfinches, bronze
Bumble Bee, bling
Bumble Bee palm charm
Burning Bright (Tiger), bronze
Butterfly, bling


Cache Prize, bronze
Camel palm charm, cold cast bronze
Camel palm charm, ivory
Cat Mask
Cat Palm Charm, cold cast bronze
Cat Palm Charm, ebony
Cat Palm Charm, ginger
Cat Palm Charm, ivory
Caught Fishing
Cheesy Feet
Cheetah Head, bronze
Cherry Picking
Chestnut Toads, bronze
Chick palm charm
Chilli Peapers
Chimp Family
Chimp Mask
Christmas Kisses
Christmas Kisses with Hats
Christmas Owl
Christmas Set 2010
Circling Otter, bronze
Club Together
Coo Coo Kachoo
Crab palm charm
Crab palm charm, cold cast bronze
Crab palm charm, bronze
Crested Tit, bronze
Croak, bronze
Croak, Green Leaf
Croak, Orange Leaf
Crow, bronze
Crystalmouse, brown
Crystalmouse, ivory


Dancing Frogs
Day Clocks (Fairy)

Diving Otter, bronze
Dolphin palm charm
Dolphin palm charm, bronze
Dolphins, bronze
Dormouse, bronze
Duck-Billed Tree Frog Netsuke


Ebony & Ivory
Egyptian Cobra Netsuke
Elephant, miniature bronze
Elephant, large bronze
Elephant palm charm, bronze
Elephant palm charm, cold cast bronze
Elephant palm charm, ebony
Elephant palm charm, ivory
Elephant Seal Netsuke
Ermine, bronze


Fawn, bronze
Ferret palm charm, ivory
Ferret palm charm, wooden
Fire Dragon
Fish palm charm, black
Fish palm charm, white bling
Fish palm charm, white
Flamingo palm charm
40 (Forty) Winks
40 (Forty) Winks, bronze
14 (Fourteen) Long Tailed Tits, bronze
Four Frogs
Four Frogs, cold cast bronze
Fox palm charm
Freddie, bronze
Free Ride
Frogberry, ebony
Frogberry, ivory
Frog, sterling silver
Frog in a Pod, bronze
Frog in Walnut
Frog Mask
Frog on Cane, blue
Frog on Cane, cold cast bronze
Frog on Cane, green
Frog on Cane, yellow
Frog on the Cob
Frog on Leaf, small bronze
Frog on Leaf, bronze
Frog palm charm, blue
Frog palm charm, blue, ABC/Board Exclusive
Frog palm charm, bronze
Frog palm charm, cold cast bronze
Frog palm charm, ebony
Frog palm charm, green
Frog palm charm (second version), green
Frog palm charm, orange
Frog Pin, bling
Frog Pins
Frog Pod
Froster Parent
Fruit Bat
Fruit Bat, bronze
Fruit Bat, cold cast bronze
Foraging Badger, bronze


Garden of Eden, green apples
Garden of Eden, red apples
Gentle Giant
Giraffe, bronze
Gliding Frog Netsuke
Goldcrest, bronze
Goldcrests, bronze
Gone Fishing, ivory
Gone Fishing, wooden
Good Hare Day
Gorilla Mask
Greenfinches, bronze
Green Swan, bronze
Grey Wolf, bronze
Gucci, cold cast bronze


Halcyon Plays
Halloween 2006 Netsuke Set
Halloween 2010 Netsuke Set
Hang in There
Hare palm charm
Hatching Dragons
Hatching Dragons, cold cast bronze
Hatchling Turtle, bronze
Hazel Frog, blue
Hazel Frog, dark green
Hazel Frog, ivory
Hazel Frog, pale green
Hazel Frog, yellow
Hedgehog, bronze
Hedgehog (large), bronze
Hedgehog II (small), bronze
Hedgehog III, bronze
Hedgehog IV, bronze
Hedgehog in Leaves, bronze
Hedgehog palm charm, ABC/Board Exclusive
Hedgehog palm charm, bronze
Hedgehog palm charm, ivory
Hiding Gecko Netsuke
High Flyers
Hippo, bronze
Hippo Express
Hippo palm charm, bronze
Hippo palm charm, ivory
Hissing About, green
Hissing About, yellow
Hocus Pocus
Ho Ho Ho
Hold on Tight, ebony
Hold on Tight, ivory
Hoot n' Nanny
Hope, bronze prototype
Hope, bronze Limited Edition
Hopper Chopper
Horse, bronze
Horse palm charm, bronze
Horse palm charm, ebony
Horse palm charm, ivory


Ice Dragon
In The Dark (Badger), bronze
In the Pitcher
In the Rain (Ostrich), bronze


Jingle Bells
Just For You


Kalahari Kit
Kingfisher, bronze
Kingfisher II, bronze
Kingfisher Plaque, bronze
Kingfisher Wall Plaque, bronze
Kissing Breeze
Kiss n' Cuddle, Frog
Kiss n' Cuddle, Lizard
Kiss n' Cuddle, Mouse
Kiss n' Tail


Large Black Marble Bowl
Large Frog in a Pod
Large Seals, bronze
Latent Leopard, bronze
Leaf Cutter Ant, bronze
Leaf Frog Netsuke
Leaf Well Alone
Leaping Lizards
Leopard, bronze
Leopard Head, bronze
Leopard Mask
Leopard's Creek
Leopard Shark Netsuke
Leopard Tortoise, bronze
Leopard Tortoise II, bronze
Lion Cub palm charm
Lion Mask
Little Owl, bronze
Little Owl II, bronze
Little Owl III, bronze
Little Owl (Flying), bronze
Little Owl (Miniature), bronze
Little Owl Plaque
Lizard palm charm, bronze
Lizard palm charm, ebony
Lizard palm charm, ivory
Lizard Pin, bling
Long Tailed Mouse, bronze
Long Tailed Tit, bronze
Long Tailed Tit II, bronze
Long Tailed Tit, bronze miniature
Lounging Leopard, bronze
Love Bug palm charm, ivory
Love Bug palm charm, red


Majestic Movers

Manatee palm charm, bronze

Manatee palm charm, ivory
Manta Ray palm charm, bronze
Manta Ray palm charm, ebony
Manta Ray palm charm, ivory
Maple Frog, bronze
Maple Frog, green frog & green leaf
Maple Frog, green frog & red leaf
Maple Frog, green frog & yellow leaf
Maple Frog, yellow frog & green leaf
Mask Box Netsuke Set
Medium Seals, bronze
Meerkat, bronze
Meerly Looking
Merlin, bronze
Mice in Boots
Mice in Walnut
Mole palm charm
Monkey Mask Netsuke Set
Monkey Nut
Moon Bear
Mother's Pride
Mouse Netsuke
Mouse palm charm, cold cast bronze
Mouse palm charm, ivory
Mr. & Mrs. Leopard
Mr. Bear
Mr. Hare
Mr. Meerkat
Mr. Otter
Mr. Penguin


Necks of Kin
New Dawn
Nimrod & Orbit
Nine Sparrows - Free Standing, bronze
Nine Sparrows - Wall Mounted, bronze


Octopus, ebony
Octopus, ivory
On the Brink
On the Lookout, bronze
On the Rocks (Seal), bronze
Orangutan, bronze
Orangutan Mask

Oryx Head, bronze
Otter, bronze
Otter palm charm, ebony
Otter palm charm, ivory
Out Foxed, resin
Out Foxed, bronze
Out Foxed II, bronze
Owl palm charm
Owl Mask


Pair of Otters, bronze
Pair of Otters II, bronze

Pale Green Hazel Frog

Panda (Miniature), bronze
Panda Cub palm charm
Pangolin, bronze
Pangolin palm charm
Panther's Pass
Partridge, cold cast bronze
Partridge in a Pear Tree
PAW Patrol
Pelican palm charm
Penguin palm charm
Perfect Fit
Pick Me Up, bronze
Pied Kingfisher, bronze
Pig palm charm, bronze
Pig palm charm, ivory
Piggy Back, ebony
Piggy Back, ivory
Pelican on Barrel
Platypus palm charm, bronze
Platypus palm charm, ivory
Play Fight, bronze
Playing Otter Maquette, bronze
Polar Express
Polar Express with Hats
Polar Bear palm charm, ivory
Polar Shift, bronze
Pond Hopper
Pond Party
Puffa palm charm, bronze
Puffa palm charm, ivory
Puffin, bronze
Puffin II, bronze
Pumpkin Pie Netsuke



Rabbit, cold cast bronze
Rabbit Fish Netsuke

Rabbit Mask
Rabbit palm charm, bronze
Rabbit palm charm, cold cast bronze

Rabbit palm charm, ivory
Rainforest Roulette, blue/yellow frog
Rainforest Roulette, orange/green frog
Raj n' Stan
Rat, bronze
Reed Warbler, bronze
Reef Riders, cold cast bronze
Reef Riders, ivory
Reef Riders, ebony
Reindeer palm charm, cold cast bronze
Rhino palm charm, bronze
Rhino palm charm, ebony
Rhino palm charm, ivory
Rise n' Shine
Robin, bronze
Roll with it, green box
Roll with it, red solid
Rooster Mask
Running Cheetah, bronze
Running Hare, bronze


Sansukumi, ebony
Sansukumi, ivory
Santa's Little Helper
Scops Owl, bronze
Scorpion palm charm, bronze

Scorpion palm charm, ebony
Scorpion palm charm, ivory
Sea Lion, bronze
Seahorse palm charm
Seal palm charm, bronze
Seal palm charm, ebony
Seal palm charm, ivory
Seal pendant, ivory and brown stain
Seal pendant, wooden
Seals, bronze
Seven Bee Eaters
Seven Long Tailed Tits, bronze
(Seven) 7 Sparrows, bronze
Sinking Feeling, bronze
Sitting Dog (Gucci), bronze
Sitting Polar Bear, bronze
Sleeping Fox, bronze
Small Black Marble Bowl, fish
Small Frog in a Pod
Small Swan, bronze
Small White Marble Bowl, fish
Snail palm charm, ebony
Snail palm charm, ivory
Snow Patrol
Sparrow, bronze
Sparrow (On Stem), bronze
Sparrow Hawk, bronze
Sparrow Plaque I, bronze
Sparrow Plaque II, bronze
Sparrow Wall Plaque, bronze
Spawn Free
Spirit of Christmas
Spring Forth
Sprouting Lizard
Squawk n' Squabble
Squirrel, bronze
Standing Hare, bronze
Standing Mouse, bronze
Star Gazing, ebony
Star Gazing, ivory
Sticking Around
Sting Ray (Manta Ray) palm charm, bronze
Sting Ray (Manta Ray) palm charm, ebony
Sting Ray (Manta Ray) palm charm, ivory
Stoat, bronze
Swallow, bronze
Swallow II, bronze
Swallow palm charm, ebony
Swallows, bronze
Swan, cold cast bronze
Swan, bronze
Swift Wall Plaque, bronze
Swimming Lessons, ebony
Swimming Lessons, ivory
Swimming Otter, bronze
Swimming Otter Maquette, bronze
Sycamore Frog, bronze


Taken for a Ride
Tangerine Toads
Tangerine Toads, bronze
Tawny Owl, bronze
Tawny Owl II, bronze
(Ten) 10 Long Tailed Tits, bronze
Tent Bat palm charm, ebony
Tent Bat palm charm, ivory
The Big Apple
The Real Macaws
The Three Sprites
The Three Sprites, cold cast bronze
Three Hawks Plaque
Three Kings
Three Little Pigs, ebony
Three Little Pigs, ivory
Three Little Pigs, red leaf
Three Little Pigs, yellow leaf
Three Sparrows, bronze
Tiger Mask
TigerWoods & Madonna at Play
Tiger Salamander Netsuke
Tiger Tease
Tight Squeeze, bronze
Tight Squeeze, Brown
Tight Squeeze, Green
Toad button
Toad palm charm, bronze
Toad palm charm, ivory
Toadstool, Red
Toadstool, Yellow
Small Tortoise, bronze
Tortoise, bronze
Tortoise II, bronze
Tortoise palm charm, bronze
Tortoise palm charm, brown
Tortoise palm charm, green
Tortoise Shell, bronze
Tree and Me, cold cast bronze
Tree Dog
Tree Frog, bronze
Tree Frogs Christmas Ornaments set
Tree Frogs Christmas Ornaments set, bling
Tree Top Tag, ivory
Tree Top Tag, sterling silver
Tree Top Tag II, Green Frog
Tree Top Tag II, Yellow Frog
Tree Top Transformation, blue
Tree Top Transformation, green
Tree Top Transformation, rainbow
Tree Top Transformation, yellow

Trick or Tweet, ebony
Trick or Tweet, ivory
Trunk Call
Turtle Delight
Turtle palm charm, bronze
Turtle palm charm, cold cast bronze
Turtle palm charm, ivory
Turtle Dove palm charm
(Twelve) 12 Sparrows, bronze
Twelve Sparrows II, bronze
Two Blue Tits, bronze
Two Green Finches, bronze
Two Long Tailed Tits, bronze
Two Long Tailed Tits II, bronze
Two Long Tailed Tits III, bronze
Two Sparrows, bronze
Two Sparrows II, bronze
Two Wrens, bronze
Two Wrens II, bronze


Up a Gum Tree


Valentine's Frog palm charm
Vantage Point, bronze

Vantage Point Maquette, bronze


Warts and All
Water Vole, bronze
White Marble Perfume Bottle, fish
White Marble Vase, fish
Wild Dog, bronze
Wild Dog II, bronze
Willow Warbler
Wren, bronze
Wren II, bronze
Wren III, bronze
Wren IV, bronze
Wren V, bronze
Wren Plaque, bronze



Your Plaice or Mine


Zambezi Roll
Zebra Crossing, ebony
Zebra Crossing, ivory
Zebra Foal, bronze
Zebra Moray Eel Netsuke