Thanks to the generosity of Adam Binder Editions and our Sponsors, the ABC has had several raffles of rare pieces!

When Adam donated an Ivory Frog Tile to the ABC at the last Rosemont IGCE, the decision was made to donate all proceeds from the raffle of this piece to the Club charities, the ASPCA ( St. Jude's Children Research Hospital ( Members wrote their checks directly to one of the Club's charities. We raised $912.50 for St. Jude's Children Research Hospital, and $687.50 for the ASPCA. The winner, Melanie Owen, was drawn by the ABE team at the Winslow Charity Event held in December, 2004.

Melanie Owen with Frog Tile
Image Courtesy of Paula Ashley

Ivory Frog Tile
Image Courtesy of Dolores Kingston

These raffles helped the Club establish a fund for future projects and for expenses of the Club.

The third Club raffle was for an Artist Copy of Halcyon Plays, again donated by ABE. The winning ticket was drawn by Adam at our ABC Rosemont dinner meeting. The winner was Karen Sidle!

In our second Club raffle, the prize was an Artist Copy of Kissing Breeze, also donated by ABE. Lueze drew the winning ticket, and the winner was Kay Stemnock!

Artist Copy of Kissing Breeze
Image Courtesy of Dolores Kingston


In our first raffle, the prizes were an Artist Copy of Taken For a Ride, the Event piece for the first ABE UK Event, and a Night Clock, an early piece carved by Adam. ABE donated the Artist Copy, and Crystal World donated the Night Clock. The drawing for these prizes was done by one of our Sponsors, Wild Birds General Store. Amazingly, the same name was drawn for each of these prizes, Malinda Lee! She had both winning tickets.

Night Clock
Image Courtesy of Dolores Kingston

In 2009, Adam donated a bling Gliding Frog to the ABC and we held a raffle to benefit one of our charities, the ASPCA. The lucky winner of the raffle was David Takeuchi! The raffle raised $520 for this worthy charity. (Click on Raffle for ASPCA for more information.)

Image Courtesy of Dolores Kingston


At the Chicagon Fire & Ice Event held in June, 2011, Adam donated 12 bling pieces to be raffled to benefit the Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre. A total of $3,500 was raised from the raffle.
The winners were drawn by Adam on the last morning of the Event. They were:
Tortoise won by Sue Donilon
Dancing Frogs won by Meredith Frederick
Chomper won by Kay Stemnock
Arctic Hare won by Sarah Strange
40 Winks won by Jill Gohr
Blossom Buddies won by Sharon Lavoie
Cherry Picking won by Sharon Lavoie
Just For You with orange and green crystals won by Elaine Dowdin
Just For You with all green crystals won by Johnia Browning
Be Mine with red mushroom won by Marv Melton
Be Mine with yellow mushroom won by Rozanne Melton
Be Mine with green mushroom won by Pete Kingston

Image Courtesy of Dolores Kingston

Under the Cherry Blossoms donated a bling Artist Copy of Tree Dog which was the prize for a raffle held during July, 2012 and benefitting the Greyhound Pets of America Senior Sanctuary. A total of $530 was raised for this Charity! The lucky winner of this prize was Judy McAtee.