Aug 2005



From time to time, the ABC has had free random drawings for our members. The prizes have been provided by donations from our Sponsors.

Bling Tortoise Drawing
Vince Scheidt won the drawing for the bling Tortoise

Election 2011 Drawing
Candace Airhart won an ivory Trick or Tweet
Emmy Beyer won an ebony Lizard palm charm
David Takeuchi won an ivory Lizard palm charm

The August 2011 Membership Drawing
Jean Ruksas won the A/C Chilli Peapers
Catie Leicester won The Real Macaws
Anne Morrison won a Zebra Crossing
Stephen Llano won a Rise 'n Shine
Marianne Lincourt won an ivory Frogberry
Marv Melton won a toad palm charm
Carolyn Kern won a pig palm charm
Ron Loos won a Lovebug palm charm

The July 2010 Membership Drawing
Kelsa Cleavely who won the A/C Frog on the Cob
Drew Mehlhaff who won Hang in There
Judy White who won Aquabatics
Linda Bayer who won Wedded Bliss
Caroli Dubin who won an ebony lizard palm charm
Ray Harms who won an ivory lizard palm charm
Mary Kay DeMayo who won a mouse palm charm
Hannah Witkowska who won a dolphin palm charm

Election 2009 Drawing
Fin-Alley gifts pulled the winning numbers for our raffle. The following members won prizes:
Ray Harms won a bling Sprouting lizard
Kevin Kingston won a  color sample Poddies
Linda LeButt won a A/C Coo Coo Kachoo
Eleanor McGovern won an Aquabatics
Stan Freeman won a Zebra Crossing
Laurie Falcon won a Squawk n Squabble
Sharon Bufton son a Rise n Shine
Stacey Kuhns won an ivory Elephant palm charm
Linda Koenig won a hedgehog palm charm
Anne Morrison won a Lion Cub palm charm
Janice Feeley won a bronze frog palm charm
Linda Ringelstein won an ivory Lizard palm charm
Vince Scheidt won an ebony Lizard palm charm

Election 2008 Drawing
The prize was an A/C of a bling ivory Sansukumi donated by ABE! Cat and Mouse drew the winner who was Adrian Spriggs.

The July 2008 Membership Drawing was done by Lil' Treasures who drew the following winners:
Candace Airhart who won an Ivory Love Bug
Cyndra Henry who won an In the Pitcher
Ron Hanson who won a Mr. Otter
Meredith Frederick who won an Aquabatics
Sarah Strange who won a Barney & Betty
Emma Worrall who won a Lady Luck
Timothy McFarland who won a Beetle palm charm

The July 2007 Membership Drawing was done by Shannon's Designs. The winners were:
Lynda Adams who won a Real McCaw
Ian Hargest who won a Squawk & Squabble
Alison Brown who won an Ivory Love Bug
Adrian Spriggs who won a Beetle palm charm

ABC members who voted in the November 2006 Club elections were eligible for the November 2006 Drawing. The winner was drawn by Arts West Unique Gifts, one of our Club sponsors. The winner was Caroli Dubin, who won an ivory "Trick or Tweet ".

The July 2006 Membership Drawing was done by Fin-Alley Gifts, one of our Club sponsors, and resulted in the following winners:
Sue Donilon who won an Aquabatics
Pam Ferguson who won an Aquabatics
Casey Mankowski who won a Crab p.c.
Diane Hufton who won a Dolphin p.c.
Susan Lott who won a Seal p.c.
Ron Loos who won a Cyril Roly Poly
Amanda Corbett-Welbourne who won a Fats Roly

ABC members who voted in the November 2005 Club elections were eligible for the November 2005 Drawing. The winner was drawn by Bit of Britain, one of our Club sponsors. The winner was Dyanna Cridelich, who won "Lady Luck".

The August 2005 Drawing resulted in the following winners:
Lynda Adams - Zebra Crossing
Lynn Gouldthread - Turtle palm charm
Guy Deschenes - Crab palm charm
Cindy Kusiak - ebony Beetle palm charm
Genny Dinneen - ebony Lizard palm charm
Lisa Sayler - Curly Roly Poly
Annick Rogers - Mostel Roly Poly

The Holiday 2004 Drawing brought cheer to the following winners:
Eileen Underwood - Zebra Crossing
Lynda Adams - Zebra Crossing
Cyndra Henry - Chick palm charm
Anne Morrison - Chick palm charm

The Halloween 2004 Drawing had theme appropriate prizes. The winners were:
Patrick Perry - Trick or Tweet
Ray Ashley - ebony beetle
Sherri Smith - ebony beetle
Robert Denton - ebony beetle

The July 2004 drawing celebrated our Nation's birthday (or was it to celebrate Christmas in July?). The winners of this drawing were:
Urda Ferency - Zebra Crossing
Lorelei Draper - Lizard palm charm
Debi Chojnicki - ebony Lizard palm charm
Ray Ashley - Chick palm charm
Elizabeth Lavoie - Crab palm charm
Hakim Abid - Pig palm charm
Jeanne Fredericks - Love Bug palm charm

In the Holiday 2003 Drawing, the following members won prizes:

Heather James - Zebra Crossing
Ghentifer Combs - Liz Roly Poly
Nanette Cowgill - Cyril Roly Poly
Michael Brennan - Rosie Roly Poly
Jan Knutson - Rush Roly Poly
The following members won ABC pins:
Patrick Perry, Robert Bradley, Thomas Kanorr, Urda Ferency, Rozanne Melton
The following members won ABC patches:
Sandy Frank, Anne Morrison, Terry Shetliffe, Geraldine Craft, Mary Ann Cameron
The following members won ABC water bottles:
Mimas of Warwick, Accents & Gifts, Art West Unique Gifts, Knoll Sergi, Peter Landsperg

The New Membership Drawing was also done at the Rosemont 2003 ICGE. We did a drawing among the new members who joined the ABC at the Show. The winner was Manfred Puscher, who won a rabbit palm charm. The runner-up was Charles Meyer, who won a set of display "ice cubes".

The ABC Dinner Drawing was the first, and so far the largest, drawing offered by the ABC, and happened at our ABC Rosemont Dinner. Thanks to the generosity of Adam Binder Editions and our Sponsors, all attendees went home with at least one Binder prize that day! Every attendee received an Ivory Love Bug. The ABE team then drew the raffle tickets for our doorprizes. The winners of and their prizes are listed below:

David Manningsmith - Ivory Star Gazing Set
Nancy Cecil - Three Kings
Malinda Lee - Three Kings
Phyllis Quarles - Daffodil Pot
Larry Sidle - Daffodil Pot
Michelle Gravendish Reilly - Hissing About
Jill Gohr - New Dawn
Lynda Ringelstein - Penguin and Polar Bear palm charms
Catie Leicester - Frog palm charm
Pat Snowberger - Turtle palm charm
Sharon Herron - love bug palm charm
Bea Pearce - Love Bug palm charm
Marvin Melton - Chick palm charm
Cynthia Mankowski - Country Affair bag and buttons
Jill Opperman - Marie and Pierre Two by Two
Leni Kaltman - Monica hardbody
Susan Shemberger - Mae hardbody
Robert Denton - Garcia hardbody
Marilyn Corrigan - Mostel Roly Poly
Esther Zwaaf - Curly Roly Poly
Knoll Sergi - Mae Roly Poly
Elsie Krueger - Mae Roly Poly
Mary Chamberlain - Mostel Roly Poly