A Charity Raffle for Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre
updated June 28, 2011

Thanks to the generosity of collectors, the Adam Binder Club was able to present Adam and Lisa Binder with a check for $3,500 to benefit the Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre.
The winners were drawn by Adam on the last morning of the Event. They were:
Tortoise won by Sue Donilon
Dancing Frogs won by Meredith Frederick
Chomper won by Kay Stemnock
Arctic Hare won by Sarah Strange
40 Winks won by Jill Gohr
Blossom Buddies won by Sharon Lavoie
Cherry Picking won by Sharon Lavoie
Just For You with orange and green crystals won by Elaine Dowdin
Just For You with all green crystals won by Johnia Browning
Be Mine with red mushroom won by Marv Melton
Be Mine with yellow mushroom won by Rozanne Melton
Be Mine with green mushroom won by Pete Kingston

Adam Binder Editions generously donated twelve beautiful blinged pieces to the ABC to raffle.
The proceeds from the raffle were donated to Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre, an animal shelter located in the U.K. The raffle winners were drawn at the Chicago Fire & Ice Event in June, 2011.
The prizes included: Blossum Buddies, Cherry Picking, Arctic Hare, Tortoise, two Just for You, three Be Mine, Chomper, Dancing Frogs and 40 Winks.
The Adam Binder Club raffled off each piece separately. The raffle was open to the public. Raffle tickets cost $5 each or 5 for $20. Checks were payable to "The Adam Binder Club". As there is a charge for currency conversions, the ABC combined all donations and wrote one check to Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre. Note: We could not accept credit cards or paypal. Payments were sent to our Club treasurer:

Mary Kay DeMayo
The Adam Binder Club
P.O. Box 2931
Dearborn, MI 48123-2931

PAYMENTS HAD TO BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 17, 2011 TO BE INCLUDED IN THE RAFFLE! Purchasers indicated how they wanted their raffle tickets to be distributed among the twelve prizes. For example, if they bought 5 tickets they might have used 2 tickets for the Arctic Hare and 3 tickets for 40 Winks. We did a separate drawing for each prize.
We will also sold raffle tickets at the Chicago Event on Friday night, June 24 and Saturday, June 25. Note: We will accepted cash or checks.
Please help us support this wonderful charity! For more information about Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre click on:

Images Courtesy of Adam Binder Editions