Updated October 30, 2005

The winners for the raffle have been drawn! Thank you ABE for the great prizes, and to all who participated in the raffle and made it a success! Urda reports that a total of $3,440 was raised!
The winners,
their winning ticket numbers, and their prizes are posted below:

Pumpkin Pie 480297  MARY KAY DE MAYO
Toad #1 480511   EUGENIA CLARK
Mouse #1 480546  SUE DONILON
Toad #2 480718  SHANNON GOULD
Mouse #2 480974  CATHLEEN NICKEL
Toad #3 480720  SHANNON GOULD
Mouse #3 480756  SHANNON GOULD
Toad #4 480782     AARON GOULD
Mouse #4 480944    MIKO HULETT
Toad #5 480755        SHANNON GOULD
Mouse #5 480342   JILL GOHR

         Congratulations to all!


More information about the coming ABE Charity raffle was posted today by the managers of the MSN Binder Board!

"Adam Binder Editions has generously agreed to hold a separate raffle for those of us not able to attend the Collect-It! show, which is being held later this month in the UK. This is a charity raffle to benefit the American Red Cross and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and can be earmarked for victims of the recent hurricanes, if you so desire.

Adam has already posted some pictures of a few of the prizes on his website, which are included below, along with another picture of some of the same items, plus an additional prize, too.  He has hinted there may even be more prizes to come, so stay tuned.  At this point, there are three bling pieces, a Bling Pumpkin Pie, Bling Toad Palm Charm, and Bling Wooden Mouse.

Raffle tickets may be purchased through The Binder Board by mail.  Tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20.  The entire proceeds of this raffle will go to the Red Cross and the ASPCA.

To purchase tickets, mail your personal check or U. S. Postal money order payble directly to either the Red Cross or ASPCA (or separate checks for both) to:

The Binder Board
c/o Urda Ferency
20842 Askel Rd.
Pelkie , MI 49958

 Please indicate on your check if you wish your donation to be earmarked for hurrican relief.
If you would like your raffle tickets mailed to you, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Include your email address if you would like to have your ticket numbers emailed to you.  Please include contact information so that we will be able to get in touch with you if you are lucky enough to be a winner.

The winning tickets will be drawn by Ann at Fin-Alley Gifts during a store event on October 29, 2005.  All requests for raffle tickets by mail must be received no later than October 25 in order to get the tickets to Fin-Alley in time for the drawing.  Tickets will also be available for sale at Fin-Alley Gifts the day of the drawing."
~Urda Ferency

Adam revealed several of the pieces soon to be raffled during the weekend of the NEC Fair! More Bling!

Special raffle prizes!
Image Courtesy of Adam Binder Editions

Special Raffle Prize!
Bling version of Pumpkin Pie
Image Courtesy of Adam Binder Editions


Special Raffle Prize!
Bling version of Toad Palm Charm
Image Courtesy of Adam Binder Editions